About Us

Mission Statement...
To provide excellent services and compassion to families we are privileged to serve at the best price possible.

Smart consumers traditionally look for the best value for their money spent. Now, more then ever, it is so important not to over spend or pay to much for what we purchase. We feel this is especially true when having to make funeral plans at the time of need or when pre-planning.

Our families have said many times, "Eternity Funeral Homes and Crematory provides not only the best price, but even more importantly, the most compassionate, professional services in our area." Our staff does not work on a commission or a quota system like others in our industry. Our mission is to give you your options at the best price available, not to pressure you into buying something over priced.

What do you have to lose by comparing what Eternity Funeral Homes and Crematory has to offer? Remember, the money you save at Eternity will be left to your family. Call today and stop paying too much!

Rex and Donna Gill

Both Jacksonville natives.  Opened our business in 1996.  Providing all of North Florida with affordable full Services funeral Homes in Jacksonville and Nassau.  We own our on site crematory, your Loved one is never shipped to a crematory in other counties.  We guarantee the best price and promise to honor your Loved one with compassion and care.  We accept any pre-need plan, and will refund to your family the difference between our price from what you were charged by another firm, giving you the same service at a better price.

Our pre-need plans are interest free.

Call for special pricing for infants.