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We offer bronze memorials created by the industry leaders, Matthews Sheidow Bronze Co. and Matthews Bronze Co.
Matthews markers are offered only to elite monument dealers and cemeteries.

All Bronze Markers

Price Includes: Bronze Memorial, Georgia Gray Granite Base and Installation in Duval County.

Call for available sizes and current pricing  (904) 348-5579

All Bronze markers, Price Includes:

Bronze (with or without vase) Georgia Gray Granite Base & Installation in Duval County.

Style Name


Please call (904) 348-5579 for current special pricing
Crowncrest Rose  44 x 14  
Holy Patron  24 x 14  
Mountain Scene  44 x 14  
Regal Holy Patron  44 x 14  
Regal Veterans  44 x 14  
Resurrection  24 x 14  
Crowncrest  24 x 12  

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