Our Selection of Urns

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Now you can add a personal touch to the urn that you select.  The designs that follow can be engraved on many of the urns we offer.  

Names, dates of birth and death, a special verse or a favorite quotation may also be added to further enhance the urn.

Medallions depicting the various branches of armed service are available as are appliqués to further individualize your urn.  This ornamentation can be used alone or in conjunction with an engraved name, dates or other personal information.

We'll take the time to work with you to ensure that we create the personal memorial that immortalizes your loved one and highlights their unique lifestyle, interests or other special aspect of their life.


You may choose from the following appliqués which can be added to many of our urns:

Praying Hands   010A   
Rugged Cross011A
Praying Angel027A
Star of David029A

Engraving of personal information such as names, dates of birth and death, etc. may also be added to provide additional customization.


The following service medallions may be selected for placement on your urn:

Army  001A
Navy  002A
Air Force  003A
Marines  004A
US Seal  005A