Rhonda Ketchum
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Plant a Tree

Obituary of Rhonda Ketchum

                                 Legacy of Love

A wife, a mother, a grandma too, This is the legacy we have from you.
You taught us love and how to fight, You gave us strength, you gave us might.
A stronger person would be hard to find, And in your heart, you were always kind.
You fought for us all in one way or another, Not just as a wife not just as a mother.
For all of us you gave your best, Now the time has come for you to rest.
So go in peace, you’ve earned your sleep, Your love in our hearts, we’ll eternally keep.


Remember our love 

I was chosen today I'm learning to fly 

The world took me away but please don't you cry 

And I chose you today to try and be strong 

So please don't cry and don't say that I'm gone 

When you're feeling alone just remember our love 

I'm up near the stars looking down from above 

Remember our love in a moment you'll see 

That I'm still here beside you when you're thinking of me.